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February 2017 - Change - Pastor Lynn

Dear Friends,

2017. A new year, full of hopes and possibilities. A new time for Sharon, as well. For the first time in over a year, we have a full staff! Rachel Miessler joined our staff to lead our high school ministry and Pastor Dominique joined our pastoral staff. We also have Kairos Task Forces beginning their work of dreaming what we can do to enrich our ministry particularly in the areas of Communication, Hospitality, Worship and Youth. New year, new staff and new Task Forces. That means new things and change!

Change can be scary. It means giving up some comfort as we venture into new areas. It means not really knowing how things will work. It means learning new ways of doing things. But to be alive is to change. And change is also exciting. It helps us see things differently, it makes us grow, it exposes us to new ways of thinking and doing things. Change calls us forward to experience life in a new way.

If you look through the Bible, God is always changing things. God called Abraham and Sarah to leave their home behind and move to a new place. Moses and Isaiah and Amos and the prophets were called to change their lives to speak God’s word. Jesus came to change the world, and how people understood God. God calls us forward to new things and new life, to see God in new ways.

We live in a world that is less and less committed in faith. We live in a world that is filled with divisions and pain and need and emptiness. And we as Christians have what the world needs: The Good News of God’s love and forgiveness and life for us! So how do we share it so the world can hear it?

Our new staff members will help us through their gifts and talents and leadership. Our Kairos Task Forces will help us with the thoughts and ideas they come up with. Each one of us as members of Sharon are needed to help by being open to new things, doing our part by participating in ways we are able, and by supporting Sharon’s ministry through our words, our work and our finances. All of those are needed for ministry to be done.

To be alive is to change. To be faithful is to participate. To be a member is to be involved. You are needed – your time, your talents, your words and your finances. It takes all of them to move forward. And God will lead us through our changes and bless our ministry!

In Christ, Pastor Lynn

Last Published: February 20, 2017 2:43 PM