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April & Easter 2017 - Pastor John

Dear Friends,

The month of April is packed full with important events and activities, both at Sharon Lutheran and in our community. Make sure you read through this entire newsletter to follow some of these events.

Starting the first weekend in April, we join with community members to prepare food for the “Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack Event.” Whether you are actually packing bags of dried food at our Grand Forks Public Works site or contributing money to pay for the food and materials, be aware of how we can indeed make a difference in feeding the hungry people of the world.

This year our Lenten season continues into the month of April, culminating with Easter on April 16th. Some of my vivid memories of childhood include Lenten worship culminating in the Easter festival service. Perhaps you have the same memories. Remember to make these final days of Lenten worship a priority for you as we reflect on “What Wondrous Love is This”. Then journey with Christ in the final week of his life as we worship in Holy Week. Finally, celebrate with the Christian community the joy and wonder of Easter! You’ll find the complete worship schedule for that week on the front page of this newsletter.

This April is somewhat unique in that it marks the 20th anniversary of the flood of ’97. If you were in Grand Forks in ’97, as I was, this anniversary may present mixed feelings for you. On the one hand, you may feel grateful to have moved past that event, to see improvements made in our city following the flood, and to feel protected by our dike system. But I know for a fact that feelings and memories of that flood still linger in my heart and brain, and some PTSD is never far away. I’m sure the same is true for many of you. Perhaps because that is still the case, this April becomes an opportunity to once again share some memories and feelings of that flood with newer members of our community who did not share that ordeal. Community events such as the “Keep the Faith” musical are also opportunities to continue to draw support and healing from a tragic period in our history. For those of you who arrived in Grand Forks since 1997, I encourage you to seek out information on the flood of ’97 and invite community members who were here to share their stories with you. May it be for all of us a time to be renewed, healed, and bound together in hope and celebration.

Blessings to you on your journey through the month of April!

Pastor John

Last Published: April 3, 2017 11:06 PM