All are welcome to worship at Sharon Lutheran Church.  Worship gathers us as one body, invites us to hear God's Word, leads us to experience God's grace in baptism and communion, and then sends us out to engage and serve the world.

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Summer Worship - June 2017

Dear Friends,

It’s summer in North Dakota! You know what that means. No, I’m not referring to the fact that it’s road construction season (although it is that, too). I’m referring to the fact that most folks are looking forward to this time of year to get outdoors and be active. Perhaps you have visions of summer barbecues and vacations, lake and fishing expeditions, softball and rollerblading, along with many other summer opportunities. Hopefully June weather will cooperate with those plans. North Dakotans must take every opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the outdoor beauty of God’s creation.

So do it! Whether you’re mowing the lawn or reclining in a hammock or flipping steaks on the grill, enjoy the beauty of this season! But, at the same time, I must add, “Make worship a part of that.”

I know it’s very easy to say, “I can worship God as I appreciate God’s creation while sitting in a boat on a quiet lake with fluffy white clouds adorning a deep blue sky and with the sound of loons echoing in the distance.” True! That is certainly a time to celebrate the goodness of God the Creator!

At the same time, Jesus didn’t call his fishermen disciples to stay out on the Sea of Galilee and enjoy the Kingdom of God by themselves while they fished. He called them to be fishers of people. And the church was born. And God’s people gathered together in community to worship the God who had not only created them but redeemed and sanctified them.

Many people today identify themselves as “spiritual” but not “religious”. There are many connotations to these terms, but I understand one aspect of their definitions to refer to the fact that “spiritual” individuals may point to their unique and individual relationship to and understanding of God while “religious” individuals understand that relationship to God in the context of a congregation. If you receive this newsletter you have no doubt chosen to identify with the congregation of Sharon Lutheran Church and therefore have a “religious” connection to the church.

Therefore, as we enjoy life with friends and family, as we celebrate recreation, as we travel to distant parts, remember the commitment we make to our church community. Remember how our faith life is central to who we are as children of God and how important it is to nurture and feed that faith life.

So, as you enjoy this summer, remember to worship. Don’t forget about Wednesday worship at Sharon each week at 6:15 pm if you’re gone to the lake on Sunday. Remember to give thanks and celebrate the author of the seasons, the one who walks with us through this journey and adventure of life.

Pastor John

Last Published: June 14, 2017 11:44 PM