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May 2017 - Pastor Lynn

Dear Friends,

In the dead of winter, it seems like spring will never come. But now it is May, the days are getting longer, the grass is getting green and spring is here! May means vacation and time at the lake is on the horizon. It is a time of life and energy!

In the Church, May takes on a different feeling. May often signals the beginning of a 3 month period in which worship attendance slides and offerings go down leaving us struggling to pay the bills. What is interesting to me is that we wait for summer. We long for time to be outside and enjoy the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. We celebrate those wonderful days that are warm and sunny that allow us to fish or swim or golf and go for walks and bike rides, or to just sit outside. Indeed, summer is a time to take advantage of the world God created. And yet, that is the time that we so often leave God behind. It’s almost as if we forget who gave us those days to enjoy. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make a point of worshiping God in the summer when we are enjoying the gift of those beautiful days? Wouldn’t it make sense to show God our thankfulness by giving even more of what we have? Doesn’t it make sense to say “Thank You” in some special way to the one who gives us these wonderful days?

I challenge you this year, to make worship a weekly event. Whether you worship here at Sharon on Sunday or Wednesday or with a congregation where you might be on a weekend, take time through worship to recognize and thank the Giver of these days. And as you enjoy the blessings God has given you, show your thankfulness by giving an extra gift. God gives generously. Can we thank generously?

How do you recognize God’s gifts and presence? How do you say Thank You to God for all that you have? God has committed to bless us with life, forgiveness, the beauty of the earth and the gift of each day. What commitment will you make to God?

May and spring and the gift of summer truly are blessings. God has blessed us richly! In this season of sunshine and warmth, make the effort to recognize and thank the Giver!

Pastor Lynn

Last Published: June 14, 2017 11:48 PM