The Parish Planning Council coordinates the overall activities of the church. The Council is made up of  eleven board directors, an executive director, two assistant directors, the pastors and a treasurer. The eleven boards carry out the work of the church.  They include: Lay Ministry, Public Relations, Youth, Community Connections,  Stewardship, Parish Fellowship, Church Properties, Education, Endowment, Executive, and Evangelism.

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Coordinates the work of the church, considers and recommends policies to the church, and delegates responsibility for other church actions.
Responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s) and congregation members and the supervision of everything pertaining to congregational worship.
Presents, publicizes, and integrates works of the congregation
Its objective is to involve the young people of the congregation in the work of Christ, provide for their spiritual growth and nurture, and to promote genuine Christian fellowship for the young people of the congregation.
Heightens congregational awareness of societal issues and provides an avenue for members to address these issues.
Develops effective stewardship within the congregation around faithful giving and service.
Enables Sharon Lutheran to promote funding of specific needs that support its mission and ensure its financial stability.
Strengthens the fellowship between the members of our church, both spiritually and socially.
Assures the proper maintenance and repair of church property, provides representation of the congregation in all legal matters, and ensures general protection of the congregation against loss or damage of whatever nature.
Brings the Gospel to the unchurched, enlists all of God's people in the work of spreading the Gospel, deepens the faith and activity of the members of this congregation, and facilitates proper soul-accounting at all times.
The Education Team plans, administers, directs, and supervises the total educational program of the congregation. This includes Church School and Vacation Bible School for Lambs (three year old's) - 5th grade and our Confirmation program for 6th-11th grade.