Board of Lay Ministry
Responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s) and congregation members and the supervision of everything pertaining to congregational worship.

The Board of Lay Ministry (BLM) is charged by Sharon's Constitution with the responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s) and Congregation members, individually and corporately, as well as the supervision of everything pertaining to congregational worship.

Activities/Responsibilities of the Board of Lay Ministry:

  • Continues supporting the ongoing use of Signup Genius as our online tool to assist in filling our Worship Assistant needs at Sharon’s four services, as well as other My Ministry needs. The system allows volunteers to sign-up as Communion Preparers, Readers, and/or Ushers for Contemporary and/or Traditional Worship Services.  Nicki Green updates and coordinates this online method for volunteers to select which services, dates, and times they wish to be Worship Assistants as well as other Sharon volunteer needs.  Members may still call the church office or email Nicki at to volunteer if they do not wish to use the online method.
  • Is part of Sharon Lutheran’s governance, with the BLM Director being part of the Parish Planning Council
  • Makes presentations about our work at new member orientations and encourages new members to be actively involved at Sharon
  • Persons the Welcome Center on Sundays for one month each year
  • Hosts worship assistant training sessions for groups or individuals as needed each year
  • Staffs a Board of Lay Ministry table during Lent and Christmas Seasons to fill Worship Assistant needs during these busy times of the church year
  • Names individuals to Mutual Ministry Committee (MMC).  MMC member’s role will be to interact with a current Sharon Lutheran staff member by serving as a resource, be a sounding board for new ideas, discuss goals and dreams for ministry, consult on continuing education ideas, participate in annual reflections and affirmations, provide a listening ear in times of personal and/or professional stress, and additional activities described in the Sharon Lutheran Church Mutual Ministry Committee Job Description
  • Recruits members for pastoral search committees when pastoral vacancies occur at Sharon
  • Meets once a month or more often as needed
Last Published: August 16, 2022 1:14 PM