Board of Parish Fellowship
Strengthens the fellowship between the members of our church, both spiritually and socially.

The goal of the Board of Fellowship is to strengthen the fellowship between the members of our church, both spiritually and socially.  Throughout the year, the Fellowship Board hosts a number of activities to enhance the friendships and connections between our church members.

Our board hosts the weekly coffee and doughnuts that many members participate in both before and after the church services each Sunday.  We also try to host one event per month to encourage fellowship amongst our members.  For example, we planned an Ice Cream Social and a Christmas Tea, which were both great successes.  We also held events for children and families, including the Easter basket decorating and the Pumpkin Painting event.  Our board has assisted other boards by providing meals for other events, such as the Engaged with Christ volunteer project. 

We hope to host and assist with events that will enrich our church and the experience for our members.  Our board is open to any suggestions or ideas from the congregation.  We are also looking for creative ways to engage many different types of members within our congregation so that all members feel welcome and engaged in our church.  Please contact any member of our board if you wish to become involved with our board or have ideas. 

Board meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month.

Board Members:

Director: Emilie DeKrey (2022)
Jennifer Anhorn (2021) (2nd term)
Donnette Arndt (2021)
Meg Harrington (2022)


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Last Published: July 21, 2020 1:37 AM