Faith Formation Ministries

We are blessed to have thriving youth ministry opportunities here at Sharon. I pray that you would encourage your son/daughter in the coming months to check out any or all of the opportunities on the Youth Faith Formation page. You the parent/s are still the number one person who shapes and molds your family’s faith. We are part of your team and we share their faith journey together. We will continue to communicate, welcome, and invite as many of our youth as possible to connect their faith journey to opportunities in addition to traditional weekly church school and confirmation classes. We pray that you too would share in this encouragement and find out more through information meetings, emails, etc.


Faith Formation Ministries recognizes that the seed of faith starts at birth and it is our covenant to grow and nurture that faith
by building relationships with our young people, by supporting young people's relationships with God, by living one’s faith through
mission and service, and by experiencing faith as a vibrant and compassionate way to live life connected to God and others.