Ministry Opportunities

Sharon Lutheran Church has many opportunities to worship and minister to others! It takes all of us to make Sharon Lutheran the congregation that it is, and to be able to do the kinds of ministries that are done here.

The apostle Paul talks about the Body of Christ in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12. As a body, Paul says, there are many parts, but only one body. As we work together, each doing our part, the body functions fully and is able to do many things. When one part does not function, the body can only limp along. The same is true with the church. When we use the gifts God has given to us, the body of the church functions smoothly and is able to accomplish a lot. When we do not do our part, the body suffers. We are all needed! There is a place, a need really, for each of us here at Sharon.

What is your gift? What can you do to make our ministry full and strong? Do you sing? Can you help with meals? Are you called to serve on a board? Can you pray? Will you be here weekly for worship? How can you be a part of our ministry at Sharon? There is a place for you! You, too, are a leader in this place. Imagine what Sharon would be if each of us found a place to be involved in ministry! We need YOU!


Faithfully Fit Forever

Faithfully Fit is a non-denominational faith based exercise, devotion and health education program, structured to benefit the physical and psychological well being of our participants. This program includes warm-up & stretching exercises, low-mild low impact aerobics, strength training with hand weights or stretch bands, cool down & stretching, and ends with devotions. All are welcome!

This program meets on Monday & Wednesday mornings from 8:30 -9:30am in the lower level activity area. You may participate at the level you are comfortable with, sitting or standing. Please bring a water bottle. 

This program is FREE and sponsored by the Health Ministries program. People from other churches are welcome to attend.

You may sign up by calling Sherryl @ 701-739-0087 or call the church office.

Volunteer to assist with Worship

Please consider assisting with worship! These jobs are not difficult and we will provide you with training if you desire. Please follow the links below to sign up.

Experience the blessings that come with service!

Sign Up Online

Music Ministries

We love music and offer many chances to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord!" (click each group to learn more)

Children's Music Ministries - For youth kindergarten - 8th grade, practices Wednesday afternoons

Senior Choir - For those high school age and older, practices Wednesdays at 7pm and sings in sanctuary worship on Sunday mornings at 9am

Handbell Choir

Hand-Up Program

The Health Ministry Team would like to sponsor a Hand-Up Program.  What will this look like for Sharon Lutheran Church?  We know that there are some members of our congregation that sometimes need a little help with the expenses of daily life.  Maybe it is food for the family this week, a new pair of shoes for the kids or a tank of gas to get to work.  Most likely, we have all been there sometime during our life.  So, when we can, we would like to offer our fellow friends at Sharon a “Hand-Up”.  The Health Ministry Team relies solely on congregational support. We do not have a designated church budget.  We would like your support in either of two ways – a $20 gift card from a gas station, grocery store or retail store or a $13 family donation.  Please leave your gift cards and/or donations in the church office.  Please designate for the Health Ministry Team Hand-Up Program.  The Pastors will confidentially work with members of our congregation that need this support during the year.  If 100 families of Sharon each donated a $20 gift card or $13 this year – we could make a difference at stressful times for your friends.  Thank you for your help.

Your helping hand can change our community and the world!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

An opportunity for men and women of all ages and abilities to spend time in fellowship and prayer creating shawls, scarves, lap robes or other items. These are offered to people in special need or in celebration of life events. You may either knit or crochet and there are folks who can help you learn how. Currently we meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:15 p.m. in the lounge. You are welcome to join our knitters! We knit together and pray over the completed shawls at the close of the evening. 

You may also support this ministry through your donations of yarn. Check out your cupboards and closets for extra yarn that you no longer need. Any type may be used and any amount are welcome. If possible include information about content and washability.

If you know of anyone who would appreciate a prayer shawl, contact the church office. There is no charge for the shawls.

**Through a generous donation by a Thrivent member of Sharon Lutheran, a multiple supply of yarn kits has been received for knitting or crocheting prayer shawls. In these kits are needles and directions for new beginners or persons wishing to renew their skills. If you are a sewer, we have a pattern for making fleece prayer shawls.

Bags of Blessings

This project started by the Northlands Rescue Mission will now also become an ongoing project here at Sharon Lutheran. Items from their “Wish List” will be collected throughout the year, placed in bags and delivered to the Mission next Christmas.

Wish List items:

  • Razors
  • Shampoo (full size)
  • Deodorant
  • Shower gel
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Toothbrush & tooth paste
  • Duffle bags
  • Hooded sweatshirts (men Med-2XL, women Med-XL)

You may donate as many items as you like, or bring a whole bag full of blessings. Items may be placed in the Mission cabinet by the South Hall double doors.

Thank you for sharing with the homeless!

Lutheran Social Services Senior Companions

You can make a difference when you volunteer as a senior companion and provide much needed companionship, social recreation and help with the light tasks to your older neighbors in need. You will make new friendships and brighten a senior’s day! Other benefits to becoming a senior companion include a tax-free hourly stipened, travel reimbursement, paid holidays and time off and ongoing training opportunities. If you are 55 years of age or older, of lower income and available to volunteer 15 hours per week, contact Andrea Lang at 800-450-1510 for more information about becoming a senior companion volunteer in the Grand Forks area.


Teddy Bear Ministry

The Board of Church in Society is accepting donations of new or very gently used Teddy Bears for our Teddy Bear Ministry program.  Bears are placed about the pews and our members are invited to take the bears into the community to give them to family, friends or strangers who may need a reminder of God's love.   The bears have tags that read, "This bear has been among the congregation of Sharon Lutheran Church in Grand Forks, ND.   It has heard the Word read, prayers prayed, praises sung, and sermons preached.  It has been loved by Sharon and has soaked in God's love.  Now it comes to you with blessings of worship and love." Donated bears may be placed in the bin at our recycle center next to South Hall. Many bears have already been sent out into the community, so thank you if you have helped with this mission of love.

Meals Ministry

Do you know someone who recently had a new baby? Someone who is going through an illness? Someone who has recently lost a family member? Volunteers in our Meals Ministry would love to bring that family/individual a few meals to help get them through this time.

Please contact or contact the church office to sign up as a volunteer or to notify us of a family/individual in need, including yourself or your family if needed!

Greeting Card Ministry

This ministry creates and distributes greeting cards to individuals in our congregation, especially as they experience loss and hardship.

Next meeting time for Sharon Lutheran’s Card Ministry will be in September 2015.  We will be making cards to give out to our parishioners.  No thinking involved. You just need to follow simple directions. We also are in need of individuals to address/mail cards after they are created.

ALL are welcome and we would love to have you involved in this wonderful ministry. Please contact or Joan Enright at 701-772-3122 with questions.

Transportation Ministry
Funds are currently running low. Any donations would help.
The Transportation Ministry program provides taxi transportation to church services and activities for members of Sharon who would be unable to otherwise attend because of health reasons or disability. This program is dependent on your donations and costs generally run between $300-400 per month. Please consider sending a contribution so we can keep this important ministry going. Thank you.


Noisy Offering

Each month, on the last Sunday and Wednesday, the Board of Church in Society sponsors a Noisy Offering. They invite you to keep your spare change handy to place in the coffee cans to benefit a local mission/charity organization. Check your monthly newsletter for information on the current month's beneficiary. Past beneficiaries include:

Sunshine Memorial Hospitality House
Red River Valley Community Action
Feed My Starving Children
Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Center
Valley Memorial Homes Chaplaincy Program
St. Joseph's Free Summer Lunch Program for Youth
Lutheran World Relief Emergency Response
Church School supplies
Kid's Plus Backpack Food Program

 Let's fill those coffee cans! 



Northlands Rescue Mission Picnic
Once a summer (usually in June), Sharon Lutheran hosts a cookout at the Northlands Rescue Mission on a weekday evening. Volunteers are needed to help set up and serve the meal, and bring homemade salads, bars, and watermelon. Sign up sheets are located in the narthex or click here to sign up online. Thank you in advance for your participation in this fun and worthwhile event!
Love Feast
LOVE FEAST is a free meal offered once a month for those who otherwise may not have the opportunity for a good meal and fellowship.  Sharon Lutheran prepares and serves the meal on the last Tuesday in March each year at Zion United Methodist Church.  Please consider a gift of money or donation of time to help with this important mission opportunity. The sign-up is available on our Sign-Up Genius site. Questions can be directed to Jeannie Sollom or any Board of Church in Society member.