Who We Are

Sharon Lutheran Church is…people

We are people who share a common faith in God and God’s promises.  We are a unique people, a people called to life through God’s promises in baptism.  By God’s Grace, we are freed from all that oppresses us to be the people God has created us to be.  We are freed to be servants of God’s kingdom in the work of humanization and liberation.  Because God raised Jesus from the dead, we have hope for the future.  We are in God’s care now and forever.

Sharon Lutheran Church is…a caring people

As Christ’s Body in the world, we are constantly striving to be a caring community, responding to the needs of hurting people within our congregation, the larger community and the world.  Sharon’s building is regularly used for a variety of community support groups and organizations.  Through programs and benevolences, we assist locally and beyond through the efforts of the E.L.C.A.

Sharon Lutheran Church is…a worshipping people

Because of who we are and what God has created us to be, worship is central to our Christian lives.  To regularly hear God’s Word and share in the sacraments is key to our vitality in the Christian faith.

Sharon Lutheran church is…an active people

As part of Christ’s church, we are called to use the gifts and resources with which we have been blessed.  We also discover that as we become actively involved in the church, it takes on a greater personal meaning for each of us.  A complete listing of all the opportunities in which you can serve is available. 

To coordinate the overall activities of the church, a Parish Planning Council functions.  The Council is made up of nine board directors, an executive director, two assistant directors, the pastors and a treasurer.  The nine boards carry out the work of the church.  They include: Lay Ministry, Public Relations, Youth, Church in Society, Christian Education, Stewardship, Parish Fellowship, Church Properties, and Evangelism.